These coming years my homebase will be the Joshua Project in South-Africa.  Here I will be assisting as a volunteer in setting up and developing Joshua Project in Humansdorp close to Jeffreys Bay.

Humansdorp has many children living on the streets.The Joshua Project focuses on vulnerable children in the ages between 6-18 years. I will be particularly involved with children who live on the streets and on/from the garbage belts.

It is my aim to make known to them that they are everything but garbage; that they are precious to our living God, the Father who loves them.

How will I do this? With my personal relationship with Jesus as foundation, I can start building relationships with these young people and show and teach them who He wants to be in their lives.

I will do that by meeting them and start connecting at where they are. This will be on the street, at a home, in a prison, a brothel or right there at the garbage belts.By coming to them, at the place where they are in life, I hope to make God’s love visible by loving them and being there for them.

I also will be assisting with daily operational tasks of nurturing, care, education and skills development of these young people. I will be assisting the social workers as well with general group work, home visits and therapy sessions with both groups as individuals.

By investing my life in them, I want to show them how valuable they are and seeing their lives being transformed into saved, healthy and self-sufficient adults. Isn’t that what we want for all children?

As their lives are being transformed mine will be transformed as well.

Transforming lives.

– Jenny Virginia